Tai Chi Chuan

Tai chi chuan (tai chi, taijiquan, taiji) is an 'internal' martial art that establishes our awareness and relaxation in the body. Practice encourages accuracy of physical movement with an active intention to relax habitual and deeply held physical tensions: 'the soft overcoming the hard'.

Tai Chi Lab Cambridge

Tai Chi Lab in Cambridge is an independent school based in Cambridge practicing authentic Taijiquan (Tai chi chuan) in a contemporary context. We are part of the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium UK and run regular classes and workshops in Cambridge, practicing in the Wee Kee Jin and Master Huang Sheng Shyan traditions.

Tai chi chuan is a system of exercise, personal development and a martial art. We know that people feel better when they stay active and through tai chi practice we can develop physical balance, coordination and strength; clarity and calm; reducing stress and promoting confidence. Tai chi chuan practice has been proven to lower blood pressure, contribute to falls prevention, flexibility of joints with cardio-vascular benefits. In time, tai chi chuan can be a vehicle for self-discovery.


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Tai Chi Lab offers classes and workshops in Cambridge with workshops across the UK offered by Taiji School of Central Equilibrium UK.