About Tai Chi Lab


Tai Chi Lab in Cambridge is in the lineage of Wee Kee Jin, see below, who was a close student of Master Huang Sheng-shyan (pictured), 1910-1922, who in turn was a student of Cheng Man-ch'ing, 1902-1975. Cheng Man-ch'ing was a student of Yang Chenfu, 1883–1936 in the Yang family tai chi chuan tradition.  The Yang tai chi chuan extends back to Yang Luchan, 1799–1872, who adapted tai chi chuan from the Chen family.

John Linney (Prasannavira)

John Linney (Prasannavira) is an experienced tai chi chuan instructor, running classes initially in London then relocating to Cambridge in 2012. He offered tai chi chuan instruction in public, one to one and a range of community, corporate and clinical contexts.

He has practised tai chi chuan since 1997 and is a qualified instructor in the Wee Kee Jin system Huang Sheng-Shyan tradition of Yang style with the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium, he is registered as an Advanced Instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain. John has a background in martial arts holding a black belt in Shorinji Kempo. He is an experienced practitioner and teacher of meditation having practised since 1990. John has been ordained as Prasannavira in the Triratna Buddhist Order since 1996.

Wee Kee Jin

The principal instructor of the Taiji School of Central Equilibrium is Wee Kee Jin (1956 - ).

The tai chi chuan practised at the School of Central Equilibrium is Yang style. It derives from the Chen Family Art that can be traced back to the 16th century.

Wee Kee Jin lived and studied full time with Master Huang Sheng-Shyan from 1983-1988, one of only four students to have had the opportunity. He was the Gold medalist in the 1989 World Cup Martial Arts Championship

Wee Kee Jin immigrated to New Zealand in 1991 and is in ongoing demand for workshops throughout Europe and Australasia for his open approach to teaching. Wee Kee Jin regularly visits the UK to teach seminars.

www.taijisoce.com AND www.taiji.org.uk


The UK branch of the Taijiquan School of Central Equilibrium (TSCE-UK) was established in 1997, when Wee Kee Jin first visited the UK to run workshops at the invitation of Peter Dobson. The taiji.org.uk website serves as a hub for public awareness, student information and the advertising of TSCE classes and seminars.

We run regular classes and workshops in the Wee Kee Jin system of Taijiquan (Tai chi chuan) across the UK as a system of exercise and personal development and as a martial art**. We also teach the closely related martial art of Fujian White Crane, which is based on the same principles as Taijiquan, only expressed in a less refined and more accessible manner.

TSCE-UK is not a formal ‘organisation’. Organisational politics divert attention from practice and we prefer that clubs, classes and workshops are run autonomously by the instructors. There are no offices, ranks or positions, and TSCE-UK is simply a collective name for those in the UK who are teaching and practising the methods of Tàijíquán and Fujian White Crane, in the tradition of teachers Huang Sheng Shyan and Wee Kee Jin.

If you wish to be kept up to date with UK workshops led by either by Wee Kee Jin, or by our UK Instructors, it is a good idea to join the mailing list.