tai chi lab


There are many styles and approaches to tai chi - its important to find a class that suits you whatever your level of experience. Of course, there is no substitute for first-hand experience; however, particularly for those new to tai chi, it can be difficult, at first, to evaluate this experience without some context: it may therefore be helpful to allow some students who have been practising for a while to say something of their experience of tai chi & what keeps them engaged with their practice.

Below are a few testimonials of students who have trained with Tai Chi Lab.

JOSEPH, Tai Chi Lab student

“I have been attending Johns classes for two years now ,and can honestly say his teaching methods are the main reason I enjoy tai chi so much. Learning to relax both physically and mentally for personal well being is in itself challenging, yet in John’s class I seem to find this pleasantly feasible. Having practised tai chi some years ago with various other teachers I can say John has taught me a far greater understanding of the art , simplifying very profound actions to help and improve my practice.”

BOB, Tai Chi Lab student

“John excels as a teacher, delivering his intuitive empathy to each student, no matter what standard. He shares his knowledge freely, making learning fun and rewarding.
Until, meeting John, my tai chi had been a disappointment – it had been boring: a mix of a few simple pointless repetitive movements and some esoteric terms thrown in for good measure – I really couldn’t understand the fuss. One workshop with John, changed that: he leads by example with clear direction and purpose added to which his positive advice and encouragement makes sure that everyone, no matter their level of practice makes progress and leaves each class with extra understanding.“

BEN, Tai Chi Lab student

“... The tai chi John teaches has the potential to be deep ... John is just the right person to teach this practice - he is very patient and experienced, not just in tai chi but also other mindfulness practices. He … is an inspiration for anyone looking to explore tai chi as a deeper and more mindful practice, ... I would thoroughly recommend John as a tai chi teacher to anyone looking for a first introduction to tai chi or to develop a more involved practice into the longer term.”

ANON, Tai Chi Lab student

“I found tai chi extremely difficult and still do, despite a life spent dancing and as someone coming to it with a good movement facility and a lot of experience of different kinds of movement. … 10, 12, 14 years later I'm still a student of tai chi. Arising out of my struggles, I have progressed, and find it hugely rewarding. It is of enormous benefit to my health and well-being. ... No matter how stressed or anxious I am at the beginning of a class I leave feeling relaxed and calmer. my tai chi spills over into daily life.
Having moved beyond the urge for instant results, I find it curiously beneficial engaging with something that takes a lifetime to master.”

PETER, Tai Chi Lab student

“John is easily one of the best tai chi instructors I have had: thorough-going and skilled, but also friendly and patient, he always makes the classes both learningful and enjoyable.”

JAN, Tai Chi Lab student

"I have just started my third year training with John which says a lot for his patience and understanding. I found it hard at first and still do on occasions but the benefits to my overall fitness, flexibility and balance have been considerable. The total concentration required by tai chi also brings calmness to the mind and sleep benefits. ... I can recommend John very highly"